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Sustainability, Product Label Case Study, and Automation for Labor

  • Emily
  • 7/15/2022
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07.11.22 - 07.15.22

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PMMI Publishes: 2022 Achieving Packaging Sustainability

PMMI's latest whitepaper picks out and develops the sustainability issues that were the most important to the participants of their packaging value chain roundtable at the Top to Top Summit in Florida.

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Case Study: Best Labels for a Product Launch

Resource Label's case study shows the benefits of a packaging partner who considers manufacturing, business, supply chain, brand, and marketing needs when developing a label for a product launch.

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Robotic Optimization Algorithm Improves Labor Efficiency

Automation is being used to improve the experience of workers. inVia Robotics is using their robot's optimization algorithm to help improve the efficiency of pickers in e-commerce order fulfillment centers.