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A lot of times in manufacturing, it is easy to spot a problem when the materials or machinery fail, at which time, it’s completely appropriate to take a targeted approach to fixing the problem. Manufacturing is the assembly of multiple integrated systems and parts put together for a single required outcome, which can make it extremely challenging to pinpoint the source and identify the solution when problems arise and an operational or strategic problem solving approach is needed.

The goal of all our Continuous Improvement Resources is to help customers accomplish cost reduction and optimize outputs through the evaluation of their processes, systems, and products.

Continuous Improvement Consultations


Associated Packaging offers an End-of-Line Process Assessment, conducted by our continuous improvement experts, to customers needing to align their production process with their company's overall goals and objectives. The data and solutions provided by this strategic continuous improvement resource gives customers a competitive advantage.


Our three-part Packaging Systems Assessment focuses on improving operational effectiveness by reducing labor costs and improving quality. This continuous improvement resource, conducted by our Packaging Specialists, ensures that your packaging system's day-to-day functions meets your operational goals and objectives.


Currently, customers can choose from three different Product Specific Evaluations. Our continuous improvement evaluations allow customers to benchmark their product's quality to industry best-practices data. The goal of a Product Specific Evaluation is to equip customers to quickly make a targeted, data-drive decision that impacts the overall bottom-line.

9 Payoffs of Using Our Continuous Improvement Resources

Many customers don't understand when and if they need to take a strategic, operational, or targeted continuous improvement approach to problem solving. So that leaves the question: How does a customer know if and what Associated Packaging's Continuous Improvement Resource is right for them?

It's really not that hard of question to answer. If you are looking to achieve any of the 9 goals below, Associated Packaging's Continuous Improvement Resources can help you discover hidden cost-saving solutions that also achieve your goals. When it comes to determining exactly which Continuous Improvement Resource is best for your company, we can help! Contact Us Today!

The potential payoffs can be dramatic.


Reduce Lead Times


Improve Delivery Performance


Lower Operating Costs


Increase Profit


Improve Customer Satisfaction


Reduce Inventory


Improve Quality


Improve Labor Costs


Optimize Space

End-of-Line Process Assessment

For the packaging customers who know they need to contain costs and increase efficiencies in order to align their end-of-line process with their company's strategic goals, Associated Packaging offers an End-of-Line Process Assessment.

Unlike other LEAN resources, our End-of-Line Process Assessment is customized for the packaging industry, and our team of experts partner with customers to discover hidden opportunities that impact their company's overall bottom line.

What Do Customers Receive?

Our data-driven, End-of-Line Process Assessment offers customers the following:

Exploratory Call

The Exploratory Call allows the customer to set the tone for the Continuous Improvement Strategic Assessment by communicating their company's current projects and goals, while also working with Associated Packaging to determine assessment focus and logistics.

Gemba Walk

Gemba is Japanese for "actual place," and a Gemba walk in our Continuous Improvement Strategic Assessment is either an in-person or virtual tour of your plant floor. A Gemba walk allows our experts to see your company's end-of-line process, understand the work, ask questions, and learn.

Analysis by Experts

Customers participating in a Continuous Improvement Strategic Assessment have a team made of our top packaging materials, machinery, automation, integration, and technical services experts analyzing information gathered from the Gemba event.

Decision Matrix Process

We provide a custom decision matrix process to support customers when choosing what solutions provide the most value. Also, our team of subject-matter-experts will be on hand during the evaluation, selection, and prioritization process.

Collaborative Decision Making

Our customers are our partners. Solutions, deadlines, and project management cadence are determined jointly. Our goal is to help provide a long-term strategy that helps you surpass your company's strategic goals.

Business Review

To ensure customers are maximizing the value of their implemented opportunities, our continuous improvement experts conduct and provide a data-based Business Review of the implemented solutions, which provides the customer measurable, actionable results.


Did you know that 25% of senior leadership in manufacturing and industrial businesses feel they don’t have the data they need to make business decisions? So, whether you know for a fact or aren't 100 percent sure if Associated Packaging's Continuous Improvement Resources are the right for your company, contact us today for a free 30-minute discovery meeting.

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Packaging Systems Assessment

Operational adjustments to your packaging system need to be made in order to meet short-term goals, but what needs to be done isn't exactly obvious. Our Packaging Systems Assessment uncovers those solutions that reduce operating costs or improve operational quality and efficiency. Conducted by our Packaging Specialists, customers will receive a partner with industry expertise in both packaging material and equipment.

  • 01
    Current State Documentation

    Our Packaging Specialists listen to your pain points, goals, objectives; and document either your packaging systems's current state.

  • 02
    Industry Expert Advice

    Before providing solutions, our Packaging Specialists work with our external innovative equipment and material partners, along with our internal automation, technical service, and optimization experts to identify the ideal state.

  • 03
    Data Driven Results

    Companies that choose to implement a solution generated from a Packaging Systems Assessment will receive a documented post-analysis of the implemented solution's measurable results.

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Product Specific Evaluations

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Stretch Film Evaluation

Think you can't save money on stretch film and reduce the cost of damaged goods? Our Stretch Film Evaluation proves that ultra-high performance, low-gauge films can offer the lowest cost per load - with NO LOSS of load containment.

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Packaging Tape Evaluation

Our team of Packaging Specialists conduct a Packaging Tape Evaluation called a Single Shift Continuous Improvement (SSCI) of your company's packaging tape "current state." The SSCI generates a simple, data-based analysis that identifies issues that could be negatively impacting your bottom line.

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Dunnage Evaluation

Are you searching for ways to save your company money on shipping? Our Packaging Specialists can conduct a Dunnage Evaluation that could potentially save money by reducing the amount of void in your package - reducing labor, increasing production, or minimizing possible damage to products.

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