Corporate ESG & Sustainability Commitment

As a distributor of packaging materials and equipment, Associated Packaging, Inc., is committed to advancing sustainability and environmental responsibility throughout our operations. We recognize that our role comes with responsibilities to our global environment, our employees, and our community. Our commitment to sustainability is based on complying with and promoting international fundamental principles, including anti-corruption, the elimination of human trafficking, fair labor standards, and recycling for environmental protection and preservation.

Our commitments are aligned with the United Nations' 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, acknowledging the continuous improvement journey and the impact of our actions on tomorrow. Associated Packaging aims to contribute positively to greater sustainability and an equitable future for everyone. By aligning our business strategies with ESG principles, we aim to drive our company’s success while contributing to the health of our planet and prosperity of society.

Our goals, in line with our ESG principles, include responsible procurement through a sustainable supply chain, building ethical business relationships, and developing a Supplier Code of Conduct.  Additionally, we remain committed to actively seeking new sources to supply our customers with environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging materials.

Our operational methodologies, guided by continuous improvement principles, prioritize environmental and social responsibility. Our programs are geared toward key areas, including environmental policy enhancement, senior management support for regulatory compliance, fair competition, fair wages, and a safe working environment. The intent is to support the following goals:

  1. The continued development of our environmental policy for recycling and alignment toward ISO 14001 Certification.
  2. Senior management supports conducting business with sustainable suppliers compliant with regulatory requirements, sourcing, and distribution of products in compliance with EU (European Union) REACH, California Proposition 65, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) regulations, and implementing specific policies and procedures to control the use of materials hazardous to humans.
  3. Support of fair competition and compliance with anti-trust law.
  4. Support of fair wages, respect for employees’ freedom of association, and the right to collective bargaining.
  5. Refusal to conduct business with any suppliers using any form of modern slavery, including forced labor, prison labor, human trafficking, or child labor. Condemnation of the use of forced or child labor, with expectations for supply chain members to do the same in compliance with all regulatory requirements. 
  6. Commitment to offer a safe working environment for all employees and commitment to implement health and safety procedures for their protection.
  7. Commitment to evaluate and implement responsible management practices with environmental awareness.
  8. Zero tolerance for corruption in all forms, including bribery and extortion, with expectations for our suppliers to do the same.
  9. Support of diversity, equal opportunity, and non-discrimination in our hiring practices.
  10. Company code of conduct addresses our organization’s mission and purpose, outlining expectations for employee behavior in our daily business practices, including identifying and implementing internal and external best business practices, and encouraging the supply chain to report issues or concerns.

Environmental - Associated Packaging aims to minimize its environmental footprint by sourcing from a sustainable and environmentally friendly supply chain and promoting ESG goals.  We strive to reduce material usage, improve operational efficiency, and minimize utility intensity, with a focus on reducing carbon emissions.

Climate Change – Acknowledging the importance of mitigating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, we are focused on improving energy efficiency, supporting renewable energy, and aspiring to a more carbon neutral future.

Waste – We prioritize waste reduction through recycling programs to minimize the long-term impact of waste on landfills. We are concerned about the entire lifecycle of the packaging products we sell and aspire to address litter reduction issues.

Social Responsibility and Governance - Associated Packaging recognizes its responsibility to stakeholders (employees, customers, consumers, and the communities in which we operate) and protect them through commitments to safety, diversity and inclusion, quality, product stewardship, corporate governance, community involvement, protecting the environment, and ethical business practices. We strive for the long-term sustainability of Associated Packaging and encourage the suppliers and customers that we conduct business with to support these measures.