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Productivity and efficiency are everything in today's globally competitive business environment. Non-value-added time must be minimized if businesses are to remain competitive. Our Technical Services Team provides a variety of technical, consultative, and troubleshooting services to meet our customers' needs.

Why Choose Us

Our commitment to service and adapting to our customers’ needs has established Associated Packaging's reputation in the industry for superior service that is second to none.

Our 3:1 ratio of Sales to Field Service Technicians is unique in the industry.

Our customers anticipate and receive timely response when equipment problems occur.

Field Service Technicians are highly trained in understanding the performance capabilities of the equipment we sell.

Our Field Service Technicians provide a proactive approach to troubleshooting.

For customers who choose Associated Packaging, Inc., as their primary source for packaging materials, we offer discounted service rates.

Technical Service Products

Used Equipment

We operate one of the largest equipment restoration facilities in the United States, which supplies packaging machinery that has been completely refurbished with new paint and wiring, or equipment that has been thoroughly checked and found to be in good condition. Our seven restoration shops have the ability to recondition all levels and types of equipment, providing a high level of versatility and choice. As always, we stand behind our used machines with warranties and a performance guarantee that rivals our competition. We offer several options for financing including leasing and trade-ins. If we don't have what you are currently looking for, please contact us with your request. We work with other dealers to keep a constant lookout for quality used and hard-to-find machinery and parts. Chances are we can find it for you.

Equipment Parts

Our goal is to minimize machine downtime by replacing questionable parts. We have access to a huge inventory of machinery replacement parts from all of the leading packaging equipment manufacturers that we service. In addition, we can help you evaluate and recommend the proper spare parts inventory you maintain in-house.

  • 7 out of our 12 branches have restoration shops

  • 70% of Rebuilt Equipment is Purchased Out Right

  • 26% of Rebuilt Equipment is Rented

  • 6% of Rebuilt Equipment is Leased


If you are ready to sell any of your surplus machinery, we would like you to contact us. We are always interested in purchasing good used equipment.

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Technical Service Consultations

New Equipment

Our Technical Service Technicians regularly attend OEM equipment training schools in order to become experts in understanding the performance capabilities of all of the equipment our Packaging Specialists sell. Associated Packaging doesn't limit the types of machinery and equipment solutions offered to customers, which means our Service Technicians have the most expansive knowledge in the business.

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Follow-Up Training

A Training Consultation is an investment in bettering your employees and machinery operators. Not only will our highly-trained Technicians provide the amount of technical training needed to make your operators feel comfortable with their equipment, but our Technicians will also help reduce changeover time, improve efficiencies, and keep equipment running at the highest possible production level.

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Automation & Integration

Many companies explore the possibilities of automation and integration through pilot projects, small investments, and stand-alone purchases; but too often, companies find their expectations not met. We believe that success in automation requires more than great technology. Automation and integration success requires a partner who understands how to incorporate your entire end-to-end line process.

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Technical Service Programs

Machine Restoration Program

Associated Packaging can overhaul or restore your machinery, including new paint and wiring, in-plant or in one of our rebuild facilities.

The Machine Restoration Program:

  • Commissioning and handover
  • Onsite disassembly into component parts
  • Re-alignment and Re-assembly
  • Reconditioning machines to relevant industry standards
  • Replacement of damaged & worn components
  • Restoration of individual components
  • Retrofits
Operational Maintenance Program

Associated Packaging’s Operational Maintenance Program helps prevent costly interruptions in production and assures the peak performance of your equipment.

The Operational Maintenance Program:

  • Is customized to each customer’s needs
  • Increases machinery longevity
  • Is designed to help keep equipment downtime to a minimum
  • Ensures your capital dollars invested in equipment are productive long-term

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