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Marketplace Purchases Dominate eCommerce Sales

  • Erin
  • 3/11/2022
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Purchases from eCommerce platforms have steadily grown prior to the shutdowns and have accelerated growth due to the pandemic. This buying trend is not going away anytime soon. With the inception of online buying, consumers are now more aware of a brand and its competitors. Consumers find the experience convenient, as it saves them time and streamlines the ordering process.

A new study reveals that online shopping begins at an online Marketplace five times more frequently than a brand-to-customer search. That’s excellent news for sites like,, and now,
InRiver asked a total of 6,000 adults from the US, UK, and Germany how they search for products online. Almost half of survey respondents open a marketplace and begin their search there. Marketplaces like Amazon, Costco, Chewy, and others account for 44% of the product searches. Only 9% of buyers begin their search on a brand-specific website. And 19% begin their search on a search engine, like Google.

With this in mind, Associated Packaging, Inc., offers all shoppers the marketplace website, to quickly and efficiently purchase office supplies and small bulk packaging materials orders.

“The supply chain and inventory challenges have created a significant number of new customer relationships for We offer more than 40,000 items and have had consistency in order fill rates, despite the current supply chain challenges,” said Kris Wishard, Sales Operations Manager for Associated Packaging. has developed a reputation with our customers as a reliable business partner combining best in class B2B features, proactive customer service, and strong vendor partnerships. We are focused on developing tailored programs for customers to save them time and money on the products they use most. It is always exciting when we overview the site with a new customer, and they see their items and pricing integrated into the site features that make ordering quick and efficient.”

Wishard and his team at have worked hard to offer some of the best product options to the industry. Wishard said, “We are really excited about the addition of Berry Hand Stretch to our assortment. Hand stretch is an item most companies use, and Berry is a premier brand in that market with a broad range of sizes and application-specific products. Customers can now order hand stretch, polybags, can liners, and many other products with the ability to receive Free Shipping with a minimum qualifying order.” offers an auto-buy option, too, which saves your purchase history so that the next round of orders can be quickly recalled and ordered. Orders are saved with your product type and quantity, to make recurring orders quick and painless.

Contact our representatives today to start ordering your company’s must-haves. We are here to help and happy to lead the way!