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Wicketed Bags


Bingo Bagger with C-9 Conveyorized Scale
for Pre-Made Wicketed Bags

Weigh-fill fresh and delicate products into bags, trays, boxes, bottles or any other package. Great for fresh vegetables, fruits, cheese, poultry and much more.

The C-Series scale is designed for small to bulk weights, ranging from 5 grams to 100 lbs depending on the model. These models are available in 1 to 4 lane configurations depending on the speeds you require.

Our C-Series scales include the Multi-Trix control panel. It is easily rolled on to a production line and is mountable on all auxillary equipment.

Model Weight Capacity Speed Lanes Description
C-9 8 oz.–10 lbs.
224 g–4 Kg
up to 20 cpm 1.2 Transfer and Bulk Conveyors
feed weighbucket
C-25 5–10 lbs.
2–22 Kg
up to 16 cpm 1.2 Transfer and Bulk Conveyors
feed weighbucket

The Bingo Bagger is designed for pre-made wicketed bags. PLC-operated, the Bingo Bagger is easy to use and runs on both polyethene and laminate films. The Bingo Bagger is equipped with PLC controls and is designed for pre-made wicket baskets of laminate or polyethylene materials. Working with a variety of bags like standup, resealable and handle, the Bingo Bagger runs at speeds of 30 cycles per minute and can fill a bag either manually or automatically.

Model Speed Bag Widths Bag Lengths
Bingo Bagger up to 25 cpm 6” – 14”
153 – 355 mm
6” – 20”
153 – 508 mm
Bingo Bagger XL up to 15 cpm 14” – 20”
355 – 508 mm
14” – 24”
355 – 609 mm

Contact us.  Our packaging specialists will gladly help you choose the right system for your application.

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