employees of associated packaging

At Associated Packaging, our Sales Representatives and employees are our core competency. As an innovative, fast-growing, national packaging distributor, our goal is to hire best-in-class people who can contribute to our role in delivering quality, value-added solutions to our customers.

To understand the unique opportunity of becoming a Sales Representative at Associated Packaging, we must start with an excerpt from our Mission Statement:

"...we will strive for true partnership with our customers, vendors, Sales Representatives, and employee associates..."  

The keyword is Partnership. We foster an entrepreneurial environment whereby the Sales Representatives at Associated Packaging are truly partners in our business. Nowhere will you find the opportunities, the challenges, and the rewards greater than with us.

The successful Sales Representative with Associated Packaging is a true sales professional. One that knows his or her market, can build quality relationships with customers throughout their organization, and can truly become a consultant to the customer. Using product knowledge to provide innovative solutions is the key to our success. Self-motivation and drive are essential. Who can be successful? Experienced packaging professionals who know the industry, entrepreneurs who know the ropes of starting and managing their own businesses, or truly motivated career-minded beginners with some outside sales experience.

Are you interested in a sales career with Associated Packaging? Contact us today!